/Lamborghini Aventador Review by Tiff Needell

Lamborghini Aventador Review by Tiff Needell

needell aventa at Lamborghini Aventador Review by Tiff Needell

Finally Fifth Gear gives the keys to a Lamborghini Aventador to Tiff Needell so we can have his verdict on the car.

And, well, it’s not so good. You see, Tiff were expecting the Aventador to be a fun and exciting hyper car, like a Lamborghini should be. But turns out it is too much of an engineer’s car and has become  just a predictable, easy to use supercar. It is fast though, as Tiff hits 205 mph with it.But handling-wise, it feels more like a big Gallardo.

Tiff also complains that it’s not comfortable on normal roads and that the dashboard is a bit fiddly.

Still, It’s not like those who can and want to buy an Aventador will pay any attention to Tiff’s or anybody’s verdict. They see that fantastic-looking body and decide they want one, and then they get one.

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