/Fiker Karma’s 51-Mile Electric Range Approved by TUV

Fiker Karma’s 51-Mile Electric Range Approved by TUV

fisker karma sedan at Fiker Karmas 51 Mile Electric Range Approved by TUV

You might remember back in October America’s EPA tested Fisker Karma and said it has an electric range of only 32 miles. That made Fisker very angry.

They were adamant the Karma can do much better and that EPA tests are rubbish. Now they have a TUV certificate in the bag to support that claim.

According to Technischer Ueberwachungs Verein (TUV), Fisker Karma sedan has an electric range of 83 km/51.6 miles. That’s what a TV road test of the car had also approved. It’s mystery why EPA arrived at those number then. Maybe the Karma they tested was faulty!

In other Fisker Karma news, the car’s been named AUTOMOBILE magazine’s 2012 ‘Design of the Year’.  Fisker’s Karma, writes AUTOMOBILE magazine Design Editor Robert Cumberford, “is a beautiful and highly dramatic automobile, unlike anything else on the road today and yet very much like dozens of the most beloved sports cars of the past”.

Cumberford points to the Karma’s exaggerated proportions, with an elongated hood and a long wheelbase, the use of repurposed wood from sunken logs for the interior trim and solar energy receptors in the glass roof as particularly interesting design features.  “This is an impressive car, outstanding on the road, and very much a worthy ‘Design of the Year’.”

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