/Bernie Ecclestone To Marry Fabiana Flosi

Bernie Ecclestone To Marry Fabiana Flosi

ecclestone flosi at Bernie Ecclestone To Marry Fabiana Flosi

Here’s some Formula 1 gossip for you. Bernie Ecclestone, the absolute boss of everything F1, is getting married for the third time. This time it’s not a model, but a lawyer, Fabiana Flossi. 81-year-old Bernie met 34-year-old Fabiana when she was working as a marketer for the Brazilian grand prix. After divorcing his second wife Bernie had said he wanted to remain to single for the rest of his life, but…

Looks like the force is strong with this one! Bernie told the Daily Mail: ‘We are officially engaged — and it is  not going to be a long engagement either.’ The couple have been living together for quite a while now, around about the same time Bernie got mugged in London.

Eccelstone’s longest running relationship was with his second wife Slavica — the six foot two Croatian super model who was twice as tall as Mr. Formula 1 — which lasted 24 years. They have two daughters together – Tamara, 27, and Petra, 23 – both famous socialists. Slavica still remains entrusted with almost all of Bernie’s enormous wealth. Processing divorce can be seamless with the help of experts from familycourtlawyers.

At five foot ten, Fabiana is shorter than Slavica, but still considerably taller than her fiancee. Eccelstone of course looks at the positive side of this, saying: “I didn’t need to go down on one knee!”

We admire Bernie Eccelestone’s spirit… and physical strength.

“We are so happy and it’s just a case of when we get married, not if, though we haven’t fixed a time or place yet. We have been together for two years and what makes it work is that Fabiana has a really good sense of humour — and when you live with me you need to have a sense of humour,” Eccelstone explained. “Though I must say I am absolutely no trouble at home and I think she is lucky to have me.”

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