/Chris Harris Hits The ‘Ring with Noble M600 and Atom V8

Chris Harris Hits The ‘Ring with Noble M600 and Atom V8

harris nurburgring at Chris Harris Hits The Ring with Noble M600 and Atom V8

What you are about see is a petrolhead’s ultimate dream; two British super car, the Nurburgring, and Chris Harris. But as you will find out after watching the 20-minute long film, it’s actually more of a nightmare from financial pint of view. Well, unless you are a billionaire. Regardless of the cost of buying these cars, a £220K Noble M600 and a £150K Ariel Atom V8, it’s the cost of insuring them at the Nurburgring that hurts the most. For Chris it was worse, because he borrowed these cars from their factories, so if he was to crash them, well…

Luckily he didn’t, so you and I can enjoy some laps of the world’s most formidable race track, in two fabulous sports cars, with a fabulous guy at the wheel.

This is first time that the 475hp Ariel Atom V8 and 650hp Noble M600 have been to the Nordschleife. Chris describes the experience as “scary as sh*t, but awesome!

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