/Renderings: 2013 Range Rover

Renderings: 2013 Range Rover

Renderings 2013 Range Rover 1 at Renderings: 2013 Range Rover

Based on the recent spyshots of the new Range Rover, these renderings have been generated to give us a clue on what the 2013 model may loo like. Save a few details, the pictures seem to be pretty much spot on. The head and taillights of the new Range Rover will indeed be like what you see here. So the big daddy is being inspired by the baby Evoque.

The iconic profile of the Range Rover will of course remain intact. The only thing we don’t really like about this new design is the form of the taillights. They just look stupid. We hope JLR designers ditch them in the final production version. And we don’t see why they had to change the front-end design to this degree, but hey, the current Range Rover is 10 years old now. It needed a makeover.

Because of these new stuff, many people won’t like the new RR. If it’s any consolation, with the arrival of the new model, the price for the 2006 to 2009 models – the properly good-looking versions – will drop considerably!

Renderings 2013 Range Rover 2 at Renderings: 2013 Range Rover

Motorbeam via WCF

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