/SRT Viper – Where The Magic Began

SRT Viper – Where The Magic Began

Dodge Viper at SRT Viper   Where The Magic Began

With a brand-new Viper in the block, all we care about now is how fast it is, how does it compare against the competition. But if we stop for a minute and take a look back at where the Viper came from, how it was first designed and developed, it helps us to appreciate the current car even more, and realize that just the fact they made a new Viper is a cause for celebration. Who cares if it’s not as fast as the latest Ferrari.

Luckily, SRT released a new video that does just that for us. It takes us through the history of this wonderfully simple and amazing car in 7 minutes.

The first Viper was basically developed by a couple of engineers working over time in a shed, using bits they found in the parts bin. What they came up with though, made history.

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