/2013 SRT Viper Out In The Wild

2013 SRT Viper Out In The Wild

2013 Viper live at 2013 SRT Viper Out In The Wild

The new Viper is still a couple of months away from actually hitting the road as a production car, but that doesn’t mean we won’t be getting any chance to see it until then. SRT guys are cool enough to bring the car out on different occasions, like this car show here, for the public to see it in the flesh, and of course hear it. We think the new SRT Viper looks great, apart from the roof which is a bit weird. It will be killer as a roadster though.

This must be the same pre-production car they showed at NY Autoshow, given the driver’s remark ‘ it’s like 4000 degrees in here and there’s no A/C!

Preliminary performance ratings for the SRT-engineered 8.4 liter V-10 include horsepower increased to 640 and torque increased to 600 lb.-ft., making it the highest torque of any naturally aspirated automotive engine in the world. Maximum engine speed (redline) is 6,200 rpm with fuel cutoff at 6,400 rpm.

via: autoevolution

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