/2013 Toyota Camry NASCAR Revealed

2013 Toyota Camry NASCAR Revealed

NASCAR Toyota Camry 1 at 2013 Toyota Camry NASCAR Revealed

Toyota unveiled its new Camry NASCAR racer, and as is the case with the rest of 2013 NASCAR machines, it resembles the production model. Designed and developed by Toyota Racing Development (TRD), the Camry will begin racing in America’s favorite motorsport from next season, going against rivals like Ford Fusion, Dodge Charger, and the new Chevrolet SS.

Unlike your run of the mill Camry which t best can be had with a V6, the Camry Stock Car racer features a V8 engine and it is rear-wheel-drive. Solid body panels, no doors, painted headlamps, stripped-out interior, slick tires and plexi windows are other features of the Camry NASCAR.

The decision to make the NASCAR racers look more like street versions is to increase the sport’s popularity, especially among the owners of these models. If you own a Toyota Camry you sure want this car to win, don’t you?

We’re extremely proud of the new Camry and the development of the car was truly a unique process,” said Lee White, president and general manager of TRD. “NASCAR and all four manufacturers were brought together to guide the direction of the new cars. We all worked together to put the ‘S’ back in NASCAR — we all wanted race cars that look more like our stock, production models — and together we accomplished that.  Our new Camry for 2013 is a great looking race car.  Everyone at Toyota is eager to have our drivers in a race car that more resembles the street Camry.

NASCAR Toyota Camry 2 at 2013 Toyota Camry NASCAR Revealed
NASCAR Toyota Camry 3 at 2013 Toyota Camry NASCAR Revealed
NASCAR Toyota Camry 4 at 2013 Toyota Camry NASCAR Revealed

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