/Ferrari FXX Evolution Attacks Monza

Ferrari FXX Evolution Attacks Monza

Fxx Monza 1 at Ferrari FXX Evolution Attacks Monza

Ferrari Corse Clienti is the world’s most expensive track day event, mainly because of the car. You spend something like 2 million euros on one of Ferrari’s special XX or XX Evo cars – currently available only for 599 and the Enzo – and they don’t even let you take the car home with you. What they do is organizing the events for you. They bring the car down to the track so you can have your fun and then they take it away. But believe you me, it’s well worth the price.

You just have to hear these XX cars to feel the sensation of driving one around the track, and race your fellow XX owners. Here’s a little taster, from Corse Clienti’s recent event in Monza, where a bunch of Ferrari FXX Evolution hit the track:

That glorious noise comes form an Enzo V12, tuned to make not 600somthing it makes in the standard car, but 800 horsepower. The car also features full racing suspension and slick tires. These are of course not street-legal cars.

via: GTspirit

Fxx Monza 2 at Ferrari FXX Evolution Attacks Monza

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