/Fox Marketing Lexus Show Cars Crushed – Video

Fox Marketing Lexus Show Cars Crushed – Video

Fox Marketing Lexus Crushed at Fox Marketing Lexus Show Cars Crushed   Video

Remember these pictures of Fox Marketing Lexus SEMA show cars stripped of their fancy components and left for dead? Well, as we mentioned before these cars have to be executed due to some legal mumbo jumbo that says unregistered show cars can put the auto maker in trouble. So they need to be destroyed. Now FM released a video of the execution, and while it’s painful to watch those shiny cars being crushed, you have to say the crusher is such a cool tool. Oh do I know some cars I want to see in that machine!

This is apparently what happens to most of the show cars and one-offs. Once they’re done posing on the stage they have to demolished. The makers do not want cars without VIN and registration hanging around their garage. Still, they could have just ripped off the engines and gave them to homeless people to live in.

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