/Ken Block Gymkhana Four Bonus Re-edit

Ken Block Gymkhana Four Bonus Re-edit

ken block gymkhana reedit at Ken Block Gymkhana Four Bonus Re edit

The internet simply can’t carry one for too long without getting its regular dose of Ken Block action. But there’s no new Gymkhana and Ken has been too busy recently to film something good. What do you do then? Well, like a sitcom too lazy to come up with new stories, you just put the old footage together, re-edit it, and boom – you’ve got a new episode. That is what they’ve done with Gymkhana 4. This new edit has less special effects, and focuses more on Kenny’s driving skills.

This is more like it.

DC explains: “The Hollywood Megamercial, DC Shoes and Ford Racing have teamed up to put together a raw, more focused action edit of last summer’s blockbuster gymkhana sensation. We’ve removed the “Hollywood” aspects of Gymkhana FOUR and instead placed the focus on Block’s behind-the-wheel driving precision by incorporating never-before-seen shots and all-new angles of previous shots.

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