/Lotus Ladies Cup: Interview with Anett Kõváry

Lotus Ladies Cup: Interview with Anett Kõváry

Anett Kovary before first racing practice 2012 at Lotus Ladies Cup: Interview with Anett Kõváry

A couple of weeks ago we’ve shown you the Lotus Ladies Cup, a very interesting competition where beautiful ladies race each other on 1.6 Lotus Elise cars. Well, we’ve contacted them and got the chance to get this Exclusive Interview with one of the racing drivers  –  Anett Kõváry (AK). Anett’s been very kind to answer all of our questions and provide us with a few photos, even from her private collection.

One thing is for sure, Anett’s got a few new fans in our editor’s team, we hope she can also get a few more among our readers.

Check out Anett’s interview after the jump.

Lotus Ladies Cup – Exclusive Interview with driver Anett Kõváry


MW – Anett, please give us some details on the Lotus Ladies Cup, how you had this idea and how long it took you to prepare the competition, in this case season 1.

AK – The Hungarian Lotus Ladies Cup is Adrienn Bende’s idea. Adrienn is a Hungarian Formula 1 reporter and a model as well. She thought it would be great to have a championship only for girls. The first season was very exciting because there were a lot of rookies, but also many experienced drivers. If I remember well we had two months to prepare ourselves, which means we have used the Hungaroring racing track twice or three times a week. My teachers were my team-mates in the Zengõ Motorsport (WTCC), Norbert Michelisz and Gábor Wéber. I’m glad to learn from them, they are fantastic drivers and great persons.

Anett with her Zengo colored car at Lotus Ladies Cup: Interview with Anett Kõváry

MW – Do you think being a support race for WTCC is necessary for the Lotus Ladies Cup to get the media attention it requires, or does the series has enough potential to be on its own, and race wherever it wants?

AK – I think that being a support race for WTCC is necessary for all series, and for us is especially important because most people think girls can’t drive; this way we can prove them wrong and maybe we can tempt other drivers too. For example, Tom Coronel’s girlfriend heard about the championship from me after seeing our race in the Hungaroring, and next weekend she will be racing with us. It’s fantastic, isn’t it? And in the Salzburgring our race will be a support event for WTCC again. We can say thanks for it to Mr. Tamas Frank, he was the one who asked Marcello Lotti about the Austrian race and everything went OK. Mr. Frank has a very good relationship with Mr. Lotti and Mr. Bernie Ecclestone, this due to the series that will run in the Hungarian Formula 1 GP and on the WSR weekend as well. We do have a turn in the Slovakia Ring too, so I think we are international at the moment.

Anett love at Lotus Ladies Cup: Interview with Anett Kõváry

MW – How did that spectacular crash (Kapócs Zsóka accident) felt like from your point of view?

AK – I felt a very huge hit on the right back of the car, and after that I saw Zsóka’s car flying above me. I thought I was having a dream. I can’t explain it because I kept mixed feelings about it, at the same time I know and I don’t know what happened. (I hope you understand what I want to say. 🙂 ) It was in the first corner of the second lap, so my race was very short. I was sad because I wanted to run a good race.

Crash with Zsóka Kapócs Szilvia Sass at Lotus Ladies Cup: Interview with Anett Kõváry

MW – Do you expect to expand the competition in the future, like adding more tracks to it and more countries to the list?

AK – Absolutely! In the first season we were a support race for WTCC only in Hungary, but this year we can go with the WTCC to Salzburg as well. Last year there were only two countries in the race calendar (Hungary and Slovakia), but this year there are three countries on the list: Hungary, Slovakia and Austria.

MW – Is the competition between between female racing drivers as fierce as it is between male drivers?

AK – Of course! We are friends in the paddock but opponents on the track. Everybody wants to win and everybody does her best for it.

 at Lotus Ladies Cup: Interview with Anett Kõváry

MW – Looking at the drivers pictures, we see that most look they’re out of a Victoria’s Secret catalog; is beauty a condition to be in?

AK – No, no… 🙂 Look at my pictures! I’m not a beauty; I’m the ugliest girl in the field. I’m a little, thick girl with an absolutely average face. It’s just a strange coincidence that the beautiful Hungarian girls are fast.

MW – (we can’t really agree that Anett’s not beautiful, but well…) How did your Motorsport career begin in the first place, from being a news editor at Class FM radio station to a Lotus driver?

AK – First of all I’d like to state that I don’t think I’m a driver. To be a professional driver you need 5-10 years in the motorsport field. For me it’s just a hobby, my main job is still at Class FM radio. The first thing in my life is the news, but after it it’s sitting in the car racing. To be better on the track I need learn soooooooo much :), still, the WTCC has became my passion! I go out with my team (Zengõ Motorsport) almost every race, and I do videos about the events. I like every team in this series, and all drivers are very-very nice! And a brand new thing in my life: I tried myself as a commentator in the Hungarian EuroSport. I did it on the WTCC Marracesh and it was amazing! I really enjoyed it.

Anett Hungarian EuroSport with András Lantos and László Csuti at Lotus Ladies Cup: Interview with Anett Kõváry

MW – What’s it like being a female racing driver anyway?

AK – Hehe… It’s cool of course. To see girls in racing clothes is very exciting for boys. 🙂

Anett wearing racing suit at Lotus Ladies Cup: Interview with Anett Kõváry

MW – (we have to agree with this last answer here) Having finished 9th in 2011 season, what’s your ambition for 2012?

AK – I know that I’m not too fast. Someone told me I’m talented, but too careful. And you know, I wake up every morning at 3.30 because I start my work in the radio between 4.30 and 5am, so I’m more tired than the others. 🙂 That’s why my ambition for the current season is only to enjoy the races and maybe finished 8th. 🙂

Anett Kovary Adrienn Vogel Anita Toth Podium at Lotus Ladies Cup: Interview with Anett Kõváry

MW – Did you meet Bernie Ecclestone when he showed up to hand over trophies?

AK – Nope. Unfortunately I wasn’t on the podium at that time.

MW – What’s your favorite race track (besides Hungaroring)?

AK – The Pannónia Ring, which is near the Hungarian city of Sárvár. It’s a very technical track with 18 turns. I like it very much; I had my favorite weekend there last year.

Anett Car at Lotus Ladies Cup: Interview with Anett Kõváry

MW – What’s your favorite car?

AK – Where? 🙂 In the streets? I have a Volvo C30. I like Volvo because it’s elegant and cool and very safe. In the WTCC the BMW is my favorite, because it has results without factory support. It’s good looking, cool and well developed. It’s like a fortress. In the Formula 1 I like Mercedes… because of Michael Schumacher. 🙂

video shooting on the grid of the wtcc at Lotus Ladies Cup: Interview with Anett Kõváry

MW – Who’s your favorite driver?

AK – Ohhhh, I hate this question because I can’t stop speaking about my favorites. In the WTCC my favorite is Norbert Michelisz, because he is a real Hungarian hero. And Gábor Wéber, because he is a real fighter. Tom Coronel is one of my favorites, because he can overtake in impossible situations. And of course Tiago Monteiro, who never gives up. And Pepe Oriola, a very-very young driver, only 17 years old, but a very fast driver! That’s only the WTCC? Sorry… 🙂 I told you I can’t stop… In the Formula 1 my absolute favorite is Michael Schumacher. He is intelligent, maximalist, professional, and aggressive when he needs, he’s also the most handsome driver I’ve ever seen. 🙂 I like Jenson Button as well, because he is a very elegant competitor. And the other favorite in this series is Kimi Raikkönen, ‘cause no one gives an interview as he does. 🙂 He is the funniest character in the F1. In the Lotus Ladies Cup my favorite driver is Edina Bús, champion of the last year. She is a real driver, the best on the track. And Dr. Ágnes Bánki, who has four children!!! She is a hero I think.

Anett Helmet at Lotus Ladies Cup: Interview with Anett Kõváry

MW – (we also like our fellow mate Tiago Monteiro, I wonder if Anett knew I’m from Portugal) Do you have any story or some final words you’d like to share with Motorward.com readers?

AK – It’s so nice to give an interview for the journalists of Motorward! If you like, come to Hungary for our race and cross your fingers for the “Fighter Princess” – that’s me. 🙂

Princess Anett Kovary at Lotus Ladies Cup: Interview with Anett Kõváry

And in the WTCC please support the small Hungarian team “Zengõ Motorsport” and their drivers, Michelisz and Wéber.

Anett with Norbert Michelisz and Gabor Wéber Zengõ motorsports teammates at Lotus Ladies Cup: Interview with Anett Kõváry

MW – Anett, thank you very much once again. Your interview was great! Thanks for the photos, for your time and for being so nice to us! Good luck for your next race, we’ll be supporting you, that’s for sure!

We leave you now with a few videos of Anett Kováry and a short biography of herself.

Anett’s Videos

Anett’s best start, last year in the WSR @ Hungaroring. Started from P9 and in the first corner she was 5th!  (I’m a very good starter!! 🙂 – Anett says )

One of Anett’s first videos @ the WTCC – it’s like a “behind the scenes” from Monza

Anett’s video when Michelisz won his first pole position this year in Slovakia

About Anett Kõváry (Biography)

Personal Data

Name: Anett Kõváry

Birth Date: 25. 02. 82.

City/Country: Budapest/Hungary

Profession: Journalist/Editor @ Class FM Radio


Music: Linkin Park, Bon Jovi

Actors: Jude Law, Al Pacino

Food: Steak underdone

Drink: White wine and whiskey


Photo Credits: Observer, Attila Gyuru/Zengõ Motorsport, Tamas Sandor, János Bányik, Pál Nánási, Attila László, Péter Pataky, and Anett Kõváry

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