/One-76: Aston Martin One-77 Wrecked In Hong Kong

One-76: Aston Martin One-77 Wrecked In Hong Kong

One 77 crash at One 76: Aston Martin One 77 Wrecked In Hong Kong

Those who are fortunate enough to actually buy and drive some of the world’s most special cars should try and be more careful with them, especially when the car in question is an Aston Martin One-77. Well, it’s Aston Martin One-76 from now on. One of the (un)lucky owners based in Hong Kong just wrecked one of the 77s. Pity.

As a result of his incompetence, the world has now one less Aston One-77, unless the owner manages to send the $2 million car back to Gaydon for repair. That is going to take time, a lot of it.

All that said, you can’t really blame accidents like this on the driver. After all, the car has 750 horsepower. That can get anyone in trouble. This Aston has a body made entirely from carbon fiber, which makes it light and strong. On the downside, the panels shatter in case of an accident and have to be replaced. You can send the car down to your local body shop!

See more pictures here if you can tolerate it: GTspirit

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