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SLP Camaro Panther 600

SLP Camaro Panther 1 at SLP Camaro Panther 600

SLP Camaros have always been among the sickest versions of the car out there and this new one is no exception. Called the Panther 600, this Chevrolet Camaro features an all-black exterior, and it can be had with either 560-, 585- and 600-hp, or if you are nuts with 700 hp. The most powerful version is limited to 45 units, and the rest to 100.

The Panther is based on the Camaro SS, but the 6.2 liter V8 is fitted with a Magna Charge TVS 2300 supercharger, SLP Blackwing cold-air system, as well as Loud Mouth II exhaust system. The upgrades are not limited to the engine though.

Performance-wise, the 600 does 0 to 60 mph in 3.5 seconds which is pretty impressive for a Camaro.

The tuner also offers uprated adjustable suspension or if you want to spend more, coilovers. Visually, SLP relies on the paint job and graphics on the hood and truck to enhance the looks. You also get a fixed rear spoiler, side-gill inserts, and Panther-logo mats and headrests.

via: Autoweek

SLP Camaro Panther 2 at SLP Camaro Panther 600
SLP Camaro Panther 3 at SLP Camaro Panther 600

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