/Tamara Ecclestone plays the rich girl again

Tamara Ecclestone plays the rich girl again

tamara ecclestone at Tamara Ecclestone plays the rich girl again

Some say Tamara Ecclestone, the eldest daughter of Formula 1 boss Bernie Ecclestone, literally put Knightsbridge, London on fire… no, we’re not talking about her extreme sensuality, but rather the new toy she’s offered her boyfriend (at least people say it was a gift, but we’re not exactly sure about that).

The millionaire stock broker Omar Khyami becomes another in a line of Forex brokers that was given a $250.000 Lamborghini Aventador with a few extras, a customized plate (O 45) worth more than $ 20,000 and the absence of a front-car plate; maybe the car has a stereo also, luckily with an iPod interface…

Tamara Ecclestone Lamborghini Aventador LP 700 4 at Tamara Ecclestone plays the rich girl again

Right, so we’ve heard enough for now… NO! Sorry, you haven’t. Rich kids always behave like…rich kids, so Omar decided to park his new car in some “illegal” spot in London, of course that nowadays there’s always some handy phone with an HD camera to grab the moment.

Here’s a small video of the Aventador, let’s just hope it doesn’t breakdown as fast as Cristiano Ronaldo’s one!

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