/Tata Nano at Jay Leno’s Garage!

Tata Nano at Jay Leno’s Garage!

Jay Leno Garage Tata Nano at Tata Nano at Jay Lenos Garage!

Okay this is all a bit weird for a couple of reasons. First, Jay Leno’s Garage is the place for the hottest and most powerful super cars, so seeing a a Tata Nano in there doesn’t feel right some how. Second, Jay’s outfit; he looks hilarious in that traditional Indian coat. It is also weird because they went through all this – bringing a $2,700 car and a large dance crew from India to Hollywood, probably spending like 10 times what the Nano’s worth – to review a car that is not even on sale in America. Still, it gives Nano good publicity. And let’s not forget Tata is the same company that owns Jaguar- Land Rover. They can afford to send the Nano to the moon!

Looks like that, 2-cylinder, 35 hp, 65 mph, 2,700 bucks. Man this car’s rubbish. It’s fine in downtown Mumbai, but anywhere else in the world, you are better off walking, or taking the bus. That being said, Tata Motors’ intention to create the world’s cheapest car for the masses is respectable. But the compromises you have to make to achieve that are staggering.

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