/DRIVE Visits Koenigsegg Factory In Sweden

DRIVE Visits Koenigsegg Factory In Sweden

Koenigsegg Factory 1 at DRIVE Visits Koenigsegg Factory In Sweden

After bringing us a fabulous tour of the Pagani Factory, JF Musial from DRIVE channel now pops down to the outskirts of Angelholm, Sweden, to visit another super car maker that started business based on one man’s vision and turned into one of the world’s biggest. Yes, we’re talking Koenigsegg, a company that as far as we can work out only makes one car, albeit in different versions, but is so powerful at one stage they even wanted to acquire Saab.

The factory looks more like a workshop, an ultimate shed if you will! But we can’t imagine how awesome it would be working in a place like this where the result of your daily grind is a fire-breathing, million dollar super car. JF also goes for a drive in one of K’s finest productions with one of their youngest test drivers.

Koenigsegg Factory 2 at DRIVE Visits Koenigsegg Factory In Sweden

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