/Jam, Glam, and Slam – Opel Adam ‘Moods’ Revealed

Jam, Glam, and Slam – Opel Adam ‘Moods’ Revealed

Opel Adam 1 at Jam, Glam, and Slam   Opel Adam Moods Revealed

Named after the founder of the company, the Opel Adam is a new city car by the American-owned German car maker set for debut at the 2012 Paris Motor Show. Being a trendy, small car, the Adam has ‘moods’ instead of the usual trim levels, and offers a wide range of customization possibilities for greater individuality. Jam, Glam and Slam are the three moods the Adam will launch in.

Details of the moods are yet to be revealed, but given the names we reckon the Jam is the base model, the Glam is the luxurious one with more bells and whistles, and the Slam the sporty version, probably with distinctive visual features. Each model will be available in a wide range of vibrant colors, and endless personalization possibilities. The owner will be able to basically restyle his or her car with the available accessories.

So it seems the Adam is more of a big girl’s blouse than a clever city car. It is going to be competing with award-winning cars such as the Fiat 500 and the ingenious Volkswagen up! Being funky is not enough to drive the customers away from those two fine cars.

via: CarAdvice.com.au

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