/Lamborghini Planning More Aventador Models

Lamborghini Planning More Aventador Models

Lamborghini Aventador LP at Lamborghini Planning More Aventador Models

News emerge on Lamborghini’s plans for the coming years, and they are apparently thinking of launching new Aaventador variants. The first of the lot is the inevitable Aventador Roadster, set for debut at the next Detroit Motor Show. The new Roadster will have a two-part removable hardtop rather than a complex soft top like the Murcielago. It will be followed by a more powerful, even more insane, SV version.

The Aventador SV is due in 2014, and will have 750 horsepower instead of the 700 in the standard car. As is the case with SV Lambos, the car also gets a fierce body kit with a big spoiler, unique colors and wheels, and modified interior. The power output of the SV will jump to 770 horsepower after the mid-life refresh in 2015.

Before the SV arrives though, in 2013 we might see a GT version of the Italian supercar. It’s just a rumor for now, but it’s a rumor that is quite interesting. The word is Lamborghini is working on a more tamed, more practical version of the mid-engined hyper car to create the ultimate GT. It will have different doors, less aggressive styling, an extended wheelbase and two small seats at the back. Lamborghini is still not sure if such a car is a good investment.

Other future plans for the Italian car maker include launching a new version of the Gallardo, limited production of the Sesto Elemento, and production of the Urus crossover.

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