/2013 Lamborghini Aventador To Get Cylinder Deactivation System

2013 Lamborghini Aventador To Get Cylinder Deactivation System

Lamborghini Aventador Engine at 2013 Lamborghini Aventador To Get Cylinder Deactivation System

Based on some leaked documents that fell into the hands of the Swedish branch of Auto Motor und Sport magazine, the 2013 modelyear Lamborghini Aventador will feature a multi-cylinder deactivation system, along with start/stop system as standard to bring its fuel consumption and carbon emissions down. A V12 with start/stop… never thought we’d see such a thing!

Now you might be thinking shutting down a V12 and restarting it again at a set of lights is going to burn more fuel than letting it idle. But apparently this system engages when the cylinder deactivation is activated. It can reportedly shut down six cylinders – basically making the Aventador a V6 car. The engine will also be fitted with a a capacitor instead of a battery, which is new, to make the restarting process quicker.

With half the cylinders shut down when they are not needed, one would imagine the next Aventador should be twice as economical. But that is just not the case, as Lambos are often used on open roads, and you need all of the 12 cylinders there. The system only engages when you are pottering around town. It might just add 1 or 2 mpg to the car’s combined consumption figure.

Source: Automotorsport.se

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