/Ferrari F40 Parade at Silverstone Classic – Video

Ferrari F40 Parade at Silverstone Classic – Video

Record Ferrari F40 Gathering 2 at Ferrari F40 Parade at Silverstone Classic   Video

The Silverstone Classic event is famous for forming large Parades of legendary super cars, especially Ferrari. They are currently in the process of organizing the largest parade of Ferrari cars during this year’s Ferrari Racing Days with over a 1000 Ferraris this September. Here we have a video of one of their recent accomplishments, which is a world record gathering of 62 Ferrari F40s celebrating the 25th anniversary of the car, announced in February.

62 might not sound like that big of a number, but it is for a super car of which only 1315 units were built between 1987 and 1992. The car was first conceived to beat the Porsche 959 for the ultimate super car crown. Not only it destroyed the Porsche, but 25 years on the F40 is still considered as the best super car ever, even though it didn’t have electric windows, air con, carpets, door handles even.

What it had was a 470 horsepower V8 and a featherweight carbon fibre body. It was the first car in the world with a top speed of 201 mph. It’s that 1 miles an hour that makes all the difference!

Record Ferrari F40 Gathering 3 at Ferrari F40 Parade at Silverstone Classic   Video

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