/Aston Martin “Power, Beauty, Soul” Tour Details

Aston Martin “Power, Beauty, Soul” Tour Details

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Aston Martin decided to take their new, hot out of oven models on a European tour that covers nine countries and 27 cities. The tour is relevantly called ‘Power, Beauty, Soul’ which is the company’s motto. Aston owners will recognize that because they are greeted with those three words every time thy fire up their cars. 

As for the cars for which this tour has been planned, they include the new Vanquish, the newer V12 Vantage Roadster, and the ultra-exclusive V12 Zagato. A superb lineup of Aston Martin’s absolute best.

All these cars are powered by V12 engines, but where the Vantage models have around 520 horsepower to play with, the big Vanquish is blessed with about 570. At $280K apiece, the Vanquish is quite a pricey object, but it’s not the most expensive car in this collection, because the Zagato is. The V12 Zagato is limited to 101 units, each costing well over half a million dollar. Our most favorite of the bunch, however, is the V12 Vantage, because it’s the prettiest and probably the most accessible.

Stuff like this tour is why Aston Martin is the coolest brand in the auto world. They are taking these dream cars that only a handful of people can afford to the streets, for everyone to see and cherish. Astons might be rare and expensive, but somehow they are from the people.

Aston Martin Power, Beauty, Soul Tour dates:

– 24th August – Dusseldorf (Germany)
– 27th August – Zurich (Switzerland)
– 28th August- St. Gallen (Switzerland)
– 29th August – Safenwil (Switzerland)
– 30th to 31st August – Cadenazzo (Switzerland)
– 2nd September – Geneva (Switzerland)
– 6th September – Munich (Germany)
– 7th September – Hamburg (Germany)
– 12th September – Luxembourg
– 13th September – Stuttgart (Germany)
– 14th September – Kronberg (Germany)
– 19th September – Milan (Italy)
– 20th September – Verona (Italy)
– 21st September – Udine (Italy)
– 24th September – Cannes (France)
– 25th September – Monaco
– 30th September – Dresden (Germany)
– 4th to 5th October – Hilversum (The Netherlands)
– 6th October – Eindhoven (The Netherlands)
– 9th October – Memmingen (Germany)
– 10th October – Salzburg (Austria)
– 11th October – Vienna (Austria)
– 16th October – Brussels (Belgium)
– 17th October – Paris (France)
– 18th October – Bordeaux (France)
– 19th October – Lyon (France)

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