/Cooling Fans Blamed For Fisker Karma Fire

Cooling Fans Blamed For Fisker Karma Fire

Karma Fire at Cooling Fans Blamed For Fisker Karma Fire

After the second Fisker Karma went up in flames, the luxury auto maker began thorough investigations to determine the cause of the fire. The investigations are done, and they’ve found the culprit. It’s the cooling fans, apparently. Fisker is now in the process of issuing a recall. It will be the second time that Karma’s high-profile customers have to bring their cars in for a fix.

Looks like they are learning how to make cars by trial and error. But you have to cut Fisker some slack. They came from almost nowhere and create a wonderful green car. We shouldn’t ignore that effort because of the car’s fault. I mean Ferraris catch fire all the time, no one seems to complaining about that.

Recognizing the faulty cooing fan – which has a sealed components in it that overheats and catch fire – as the reason for the fire is kind of good news for Fisker, because it means the car’s lithium-ion battery is in the clear. They had their fair bit of trouble with these batteries, and they certainly don’t fancy anymore.

So that’s that sorted. See you again next time when something else went wrong with the Karma!

via FOXnews

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