/2012 Audi A1 “Millimeter” Commercial

2012 Audi A1 “Millimeter” Commercial

A1 Millimeter Commercial at 2012 Audi A1 Millimeter Commercial

This new commercial for Audi A1, titled ‘Millimeter,’ will only appeal to the Germans. And that begs the question why is it in English? I mean only a German would be interested in efforts Audi puts in just one millimeter of a LED rear light. They literally can talk for ages about that one millimeter, and how it works in tandem with millions of other millimeters to make that taillight. Nobody else is bothered. 

Boring it might be, but we have to say, knowing that every millimeter of this car is made with an almost psychotic attention to details is kinda heartwarming. That means you get a quality product that will never go wrong.

For that, Audi, we salute your efforts.

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