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Chris Harris On Mazda MX-5

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You would think, would you not, that Chris Harris of all people gets the appeal of a compact, open-top sports car such as the Mazda MX-5. But no. He actually resents it. Chris doesn’t even recognizes the MX-5 as a sports car, and doesn’t find it particularly fun to drive. He is of course driving a first-gen Miata here, but he hates the latest model even more.

We can’t say we agree with Chris, because we’re in the MX-5 camp. We absolutely adore the way this car feels to drive, even though we don’t like the way it looks. But Chris has his own opinion and he’s defending it best way he can. We respect that.

Actually, the MX-5 is going to become obsolete very soon. Alfa Romeo is working on a new Spider which will be built upon the next MX-5’s platform. So it will be just as great to drive, and it will have an Alfa body… Mazda is shooting itself not in the leg, but in the head!

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