/Elon Musk Explains Tesla Supercharger Charging Station

Elon Musk Explains Tesla Supercharger Charging Station

tesla supercharger fast charging system at Elon Musk Explains Tesla Supercharger Charging Station

Tesla Motors and its genius CEO Elon Musk are venturing into yet another ambitoius project by launching ‘Tesla Supercharger’. The Supercharger is the name has given to its new network of 100 fast charging stations, to be built across the United States by 2015. The goal is to make long distances journeys possible for the Tesla Model S.

What’s interesting about the Supercharger network, apart from the unique alien-like design, is the fact that it gets its energy from solar panels. You can’t get more sustainable than that. Check out Elon Musk as he explains this concept in more details:

Currently if you want to go out of town with your Tesla you will be having a hard time finding somewhere to charge the car if it ran out of puff. But that’s not the main problem. That’d be the long hours you are going to have to wait for it to be recharged. With the fast charging solution offered at the nation-wide Supercharger network, this task will become more or less like refueling a normal car at a petrol station.

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