/Four-Seat Lamborghini Aventador In The Works

Four-Seat Lamborghini Aventador In The Works

Lamborghini Aventador four door at Four Seat Lamborghini Aventador In The Works

It’s not exactly a secret that Lamborghini likes to have a four-door GT sort of car in its range, but they can’t decide what it should be like. We had the amazing four-door Estoque concept, which is apparently canned for no good reason. Now, news broke that Lamborghini is considering a four-door GT version of the Aventador.

How are they going to add two extra doors to this super car without totally changing the exterior is yet to be seen, but they are apparently readying a concept version for debut at the next Geneva Motor Show in March 2013. The Aventador GT is going to have to get a longer wheelbase than the normal model, which means they will have to re-engineer the whole thing from the ground up. The word is it will get short rear suicide panels, so there is still hope that they won’t totally ruin the styling.

This all sounds a bit roundabout to be honest. What was the problem with the Estoque?

Before the Aventador GT shows its face though we are going to get the new Aventador Roadster. The car is gearing up for debut in autumn 2012, so stay tuned.

Source: CARmagazine

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