/Video: GRID 2 Teaser with Chris Harris

Video: GRID 2 Teaser with Chris Harris

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Chris Harris is, without a doubt, one of the world’s top motoring journalists, and that’s why the guys at Codemasters went to him to promote their masterpiece GRID 2 Effect. It is a simulation game which appeals most of all to hard-core racing enthusiasts. Chris’ image as a very technical  and factual journalist is going to boost that appeal big time.

This teaser shows how the game makers recreate the world’s top race tracks, in this case Brands Hatch, in their virtual world, and also boasts the precision of the driving simulator. It is so realistic, apparently, that Chris manages to become a faster driver by taking advice from the geek who designed the psychics of the car in the game.

Great, but last time we checked the first point of a video game was having fun. We don’t see much of it here, especially for casual gamers.

Codemasters release: The video, part one of a series of three, follows the fortunes of Chris Harris, one of motorsports leading journalists and regular contributor to YouTube’s DRIVE channel, who has joined together with Codemasters to provide insight into car handling and vehicle selection for the game. In the ‘GRID 2 Effect’ video, Chris throws his McLaren around the famous circuit in pursuit of McLaren’s test driver Mat Jackson and uses in-game expertise from GRID 2 and Codemasters staff to gain the advantage. The video shows how Brands Hatch is created in-game and features stunning real life footage of the stunning McLarens power-sliding around some of the most iconic corners in racing.

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