/Video: This Is How Koenigseggs Are Painted

Video: This Is How Koenigseggs Are Painted

Agera paintjob 545x297 at Video: This Is How Koenigseggs Are Painted

On this episode of Inside Koenigsegg, a mini documentary series produced by DRIVE channel, Christian Von Koenigsegg explains how they paint every production car. It is an extreme job that takes up to 200 hours of work. Every car, even if it’s finished in clear carbon, receives up to seven layers of clear coat on top, because a Koenigsegg is a collectible item and has to last for years and years.

This is also part of the reason why these cars cost so much. The quality of Koenigsegg’s work is frankly astonishing. Time was super car makers didn’t even bother bolting the car together properly. Honestly, we’re amazed how they can sell a car like the Agera for under $2 mil. Logically, it should cost more!

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