/Cadillac’s Semi-Automated “Super Cruise” System Tested in Traffic

Cadillac’s Semi-Automated “Super Cruise” System Tested in Traffic

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As we reported before, Cadillac is hard at work developing an advanced cruise control system that can turn their cars into semi-autonomous vehicles. It is like what Mercedes is currently offering with their Distronic Plus system. The “Super Cruise” system is now moving to the next stage of development, including real-world driving assessment and trials.

The goal is to challenge the Super Cruise in a variety of real-world situations and in different environments in order to refine its behavior. The system is capable of hands-off lane following, braking and speed control under certain driving conditions. Designed for long-distance freeway driving, it allows the driver to sit back and relax, but his or her attention is still required.

The Super Cruse uses a fusion of radar, ultrasonic sensors, cameras and GPS map data to scan and read the road ahead, detect obstacles and guide the car in the right direction. Super Cruise semi-automated driving capability also adds the integration of lane-centering technology that relies on forward-looking cameras to detect lane markings and other sensors to detect curves and other road characteristics. It works in tandem with other safety features on the vehicle, such as Safety Alert Seat and Driver Awareness and Driver Assist.

Cadillac reckons they can releases a full production version of this system by the end of the decade.

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