/Chris Harris Video: Audi RS4 vs Tuned Audi S4

Chris Harris Video: Audi RS4 vs Tuned Audi S4

S4 vs RS4 545x299 at Chris Harris Video: Audi RS4 vs Tuned Audi S4

The idea for this comparison test popped up when Chris Harris decided to buy a new estate car to use as the camera car for his videos. He bought a raggedy old Audi S4 for dirt cheap, and then to spice things up a bit, had it chipped and fitted some new exhausts. So they thought they put it up against a new V8-powered RS4 to see how big an effect that tuning malarkey had on the S4’s performance.

It makes you think, doesn’t it. Instead of blowing a large pile of cash on a brand-new car, buy the slightly older version and tune it up. Sure, when it comes to selling it you are going to lose a big chunk of your money, but then the depreciation situation is not that much better with the brand new cars. Makes sense.

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