/Detroit Electric SP:01 Unveiled at Shanghai Auto Show

Detroit Electric SP:01 Unveiled at Shanghai Auto Show

Detroit Electric SP01 600x388 at Detroit Electric SP:01 Unveiled at Shanghai Auto Show

Detroit Electric’s limited edition, Lotus-based all-electric sports car makes it world debut at the Shanghai Auto Show and prepares to pick up where Tesla Roadster left off. The high performance SP:01 might be the first attempt of a recently revived brand at making an electric sports car, but its specs suggest it is a serious bit of kit.

Dubbed the world’s fastest pure-electric production car, the SP:01 is built on a Lotus chassis and has a mid-mounted 201 bhp electric motor with 166 lb ft of torque. The battery pack is a specially designed lightweight unit located deep inside the carbon-fibre bodywork for perfect weight distribution. Total weight is just 2,354 lb, which results in a great power-to-weight ratio.

The SP:01 also features specialised performance-tuned suspension, steering and brake systems to provide class-leading ride and handling characteristics, and that is why it should be an absolute hoot to drive. You have a beautifully poised chassis and the instantaneous torque of the electric motor. That is a recipe for fun.

As for the range, DE claims the SP:01 can cover a distance of almost 190 miles between recharges, and it needs 4.3 hours to be fully recharged. The Sp:01 is also rather sophisticated, boasting a feature called ‘SAMI’ (Smartphone Application Managed Infotainment system), which provides access to a wide range of functions, including music player, satellite navigation, interior lighting adjust and vehicle systems status.

They will make 99 units of this electric sports car, priced at $135,000.


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