/Lamborghini Veneno Filmed at Monza – Video

Lamborghini Veneno Filmed at Monza – Video

Lamborghini Veneno Filmed at Monza 600x339 at Lamborghini Veneno Filmed at Monza   Video

A lot of people criticized Lamborghini for making the Veneno. They say Lamborghini is making a fool of itself with cars like this, while rivals like Ferrari, Porsche and McLaren are moving ahead with new fancy hybrid systems and super aerodynamic designs. They do have a point, but there is no denying the Veneno is an awesome looking machine, especially out in the real world.

Granted, at $4.5 million apop it is a completely silly car, but the Veneno is the ultimate expression of Lamborghini. They make silly cars, that’s why people love them so much! If every car was as serous as Ferraris and McLarens, the world of cars wouldn’t be so much fun.

Enjoy this video of Lambo Veneno at the Monza track:

Video by NM2255

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