/900 HP 1967 Ford Mustang Obsidian SG-One

900 HP 1967 Ford Mustang Obsidian SG-One

muscle1 at 900 HP 1967 Ford Mustang Obsidian SG One

Lamborghini Las Vegas have managed to get hold of a real serial killer of a muscle car for their showroom, the 1967 Ford Mustang “Obsidian Sg-One” designed by CoupeR Design.


N. A usually black or banded, hard volcanic glass that displays shiny, curved surfaces when fractured and is formed by the rapid cooling of lava.

Being one highly-strung machine, capable of releasing a 900-strong stampede of wild mustangs, “Obsidian Sg-One” has only covered 500 miles since it’s creation. Just check out that bulging hood, a custom made and duel purpose intake for cooling its superchargers and twin intercoolers. Its muscles come from custom-made side skirts and flared front and rear fenders. “Obsidian One’s” heart consists of a fuel-injected 392 Cubic Inch V-8, with twin Rotex superchargers. Adding to its menacing looks, California Mustang smoke-tinted glass has been fitted, and finishing touches such as its L.E.D. sequential tail lights, a functional rear diffuser, and its gorgeous Front Couper GT wheels make this a one-off classic any collector would kill to have in their garage.

muscle2 at 900 HP 1967 Ford Mustang Obsidian SG One

The Mustang’s heritage being what it is, CoupeR didn’t overlook anything during its creation. In addition to power and this brute of a car weighing in at a light 1,364 KGs (3000 lbs), it can hit 60 mph in 4 seconds. Drivability was also an important consideration during its build, so RSS adjustable suspension coupled with Quad piston Brembo brakes enhanced stability and safety on the road. At $315,000.00, the “Obsidian SG-One” isn’t exactly cheap, but there must be serious collectors out there ready to spend their pocket money on one.

muscle3 at 900 HP 1967 Ford Mustang Obsidian SG One


Engine: Obsidian 6.4L (392 Cubic inch) V-8, twin Rotex

Supercharged/Intercooled with programmable fuel injection

Horsepower: 900HP (with 1,000HP+ obtainable with tuning)

Torque: 750 lbs. ft.

0-60MPH: 4 Seconds

Transmission: 6-Speed Manual

Weight: Approx 1,364 KGs (3,000 lbs)

Wheels: 18? x 8.5? Front & 20? x 10? Rear CoupeR wheels /BF Goodrich KDW tyres

muscle4 at 900 HP 1967 Ford Mustang Obsidian SG One

With Fast & Furious 6 coming out, I couldn’t help but think of “Eleanor”, Vin Diesel’s Mustang driven in the previous movies. I think “Obsidian” would eat her breakfast. Don’t believe me? Check out the beast in action:

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