/Tesla Model S Scores 99 out of 100 in Consumer Reports Test

Tesla Model S Scores 99 out of 100 in Consumer Reports Test

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Apart from a flawed article by New York Times, we are yet to come across a negative review about the Tesla Model S. All you hear about this electric car is praise, and praises don’t get higher than the ones coming from Consumer Reports, who have just rated the Models S 99 out of 100. That means the car is virtually faultless.

Consumer Report is as independent as sources get. They buy the products they review and beat the living the hell out of them. So when they say the Model S is one of the best luxury sedans they have tested, it must properly brilliant. We haven’t forgot how they predicted the Fisker Karma won’t succeed, and then watched the company fall to the ground.

The ode Tested by CR is powered by an 85-kWh lithium-ion battery which returned the equivalent of 84 mpg. The range varied from about 180 miles on cold winter days to about 225 in more moderate temperatures.

The Model S was also praised for its performance, with a 0 to 60 mph time of 5.6 seconds, and the quality of the cabin, as well as the quietness. CR says they are yet to gather enough reliability data on this car, but given that solid build quality, they are not likely to find any issues. That said, the car’s electrical systems are yet to be tested in long term.

Consumer Reports does not say the Model S is perfect, counting limited range, long charging times, and coupe-like styling that impairs rear visibility and impedes access as the drawbacks they’ve come across. But even so, the car was so satisfying in accomplishing everything it promises the they awarded it with the highest score. The last vehicle to achieve a 99 in CR’s testing was the Lexus LS 460L, which CR tested in 2007.


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