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The Toyota HiAce possesses great heritage, a vehicle spanning five decades and evolving through five generations. Not always an easy vehicle to categorise due to the many configurations it has seen since its creation in 1967, this sensible and compact MPV (Multi Purpose Vehicle) has grabbed the attention from custom builders and tuners, a rising trend set to completely transform the HiAce’s quirky character.

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From a simple ECU chip and tweak, to a full-blown Manga (Japanese comic style) inspiration, the little HiAce has become a blank canvas to create something totally unique.

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It seems slamming (lowering) a HiAce is popular too, adding to the finished look of added alloy wheels and rear spoiler. If you have windows, simply tint them, and if you don’t, either have custom spray graphics applied, or go for a full-wrap. Despite body kits being scarce, there are some pretty fearsome HiAce’s cruising the streets – if you join a local club or forum, you’ll be surprised at what can be done, especially with enthusiasts producing their own from fibreglass.

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If you’re not entirely satisfied with just the exterior being modified, then go the whole hog and apply the final ‘Pimp My Ride’ finishing touches. Rip the seats out and replace with reclining full leather armchairs for the ultimate ride. Install the latest technology to watch TV or listen to surround sound audio. The interior rooftop can be customised to give the impression you are sitting in the fuselage of a private jet, not the inside of a modest MPV.

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So whilst the VW Camper Van has always been loved, faithfully restored to maintain its integrity whilst also given the modern touches, it seems the HiAce has taken it a step further into the future, its fans not happy until it has been transformed into something completely different, a million miles away from 1967 and its tin can predecessors.

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