/Hollywood’s Highest Paid Actresses’ Cars

Hollywood’s Highest Paid Actresses’ Cars

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It doesn’t get any more glitzy or glam than the top earning actresses in Tinseltown. From horrors to rom-coms, dramas to adventures, these divas are household names throughout the globe. With making the highest paid actresses list comes some serious status to uphold, and with the media’s eye watching their every move, just what would a Hollywood diva drive to rehearsals?

Angelina Jolie $30M

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Tomb Raider star, child-adopter and Brad Pitt’s missus, Jolie is the only woman making an impression in the action hero genre these days. The movie Salt was originally written for Tom Cruise, although Jolie ended up with both the part and also helping the movie haul in a cool $300M.

You’d be right in thinking big when it comes to the Pitt household’s garage. With all those kids running around they require a Range Rover, a Ford Explorer and an eco BMW Hydrogen 7. The BMW is the globe’s first production hydrogen vehicle and Jolie bought it as she truly supports energy efficient cars – Range Rover, Ford Explorer?

Sarah Jessica Parker $30M

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Mainly known for her role as Carrie Bradshaw from the hit TV show Sex and the City, Parker also raked in the cash with the follow-up movies. Like Carrie, she’s into fashion and is designing clothes with Halston. Like many other stars, she also has a line of fragrances.

Apart from a boring Prius and Audi A3, Parker drives a Lexus RX 400h and a Mercedes E-Class.

Jennifer Aniston $28M

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Known for changing a billion girls’ hairstyles with the “Rachel Look” whilst acting on the TV monster Friends, Aniston has been in and out of the tabloids because of her love life (or lack of). Despite this, she has made a career for herself fin the movies, usually playing roles in rom-coms.

Apart from a rather ironic Prius, Jennifer owns a Range Rover, the fuel guzzling 5.0-L V8 model boasting 510-bhp and 461 ft.lbs of torque.

Reece Witherspoon $28M

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Like Aniston, Legally Blonde Witherspoon is happiest in the rom-coms with movies like This Means War and Sweet Home Alabama.

Witherspoon obviously likes her cars as she has a fleet, including a Porsche Cayenne Hybrid, a Mercedes E-Class, a Toyota Land Cruiser, a Porsche Panamera, a Land Rover LR4, and a Hybrid GMC Yukon.

However, this Oscar winner’s favourite ride is a Mercedes GL350. This turbocharged 3.0-L V6 diesel model has 210-bhp and 400 ft.lbs of torque.

Julia Roberts $20M

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The world’s most famous fictional prostitute, Robert’s career has taken a dive since her Notting Hill era. Despite this she’s still a box office draw, and Eat Pray Love earned an impressive $205M. This Pretty Woman also makes money from her work as one of the faces of Lancôme.

Another star with bad car taste, Roberts owns a Toyota Prius. In fact, this gas-electric hybrid is the third bestselling car in the United States.

Kristen Stewart $20M

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Somehow, this girl has made a career as an actress by never expressing emotion. Primarily known as the miserable vampire lover in the Twilight series, her 2010 film The Runaways grossed only $4.6M. Maybe her role in the upcoming sinister Snow White will suit that sullen and sultry demeanour?

I do, however respect her garage. Aside from a massive Toyota Tacoma and Dodge Magnum, Miss Stewart has been seen mainly in this effortlessly cool Mini Cooper.

Katherine Heigl $19M

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Heigl is one of the few females in Hollywood who can still demand $12M per movie. Heigl is now the new queen of the rom-coms, although her latest, Killers and Life as We Know It, were considered flops.

Aside form the usual Range Rover, Katherine has been frequently seen in her white Audi Q5. With its 3.2-L V6 and 270-bhp, it offers reasonable speed along with its spacious and luxurious ride.

Cameron Diaz $18M

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It’s almost hard to believe it was over seventeen years ago Diaz appeared alongside Jim Carrey in The Mask; however, she is still very much one of the leading actresses in Hollywood. Her more recent roles include starring opposite Tom Cruise in Knight & Day. The pair featured on UK’s Topgear, where they both lapped the track in the ‘Reasonably-priced Car’. After claiming top spot, Diaz was knocked off by a blistering lap by Cruise.

Diaz owns a – wait for it – Prius. Thankfully the rest of garage makes up this: Tesla Model S and a Maserati Quattroporte. Diaz apparently loves nothing more than enjoying long drives in her metallic black Maserati Quattroporte, and she’s been spotted many times at Californian gas stations refuelling.

Sandra Bullock $15M

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After a rollercoaster period of winning an Oscar and experiencing a painfully public divorce, Bullock is getting back to work with Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close – this is based on the Jonathan Safran Foer novel about New York after 9/11.

This Speed star makes up for owning a couple of boring rides in a Prius and Audi A6 by driving a blacked-out Mercedes GL550.

Meryl Streep $10M

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Streep had a massive year in 2009 with Julie & Julia and It’s Complicated, although she’s been fairly quiet since. She did return as Margaret Thatcher in 2010 in the biopic The Iron Lady directed by Mamma Mia director Phyllida Law.

A fan of saving the planet, Streep drives a Prius and an eco BMW Hydrogen 7. Although this green tech is improving, the H7’s dual-mode, 12-cylinder internal combustion engine running on liquid hydrogen, can only offer a mileage of 125 miles on full tank.

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