/Lamborghini Aventador Splits in Half in Brooklyn Crash

Lamborghini Aventador Splits in Half in Brooklyn Crash

aventador in half at Lamborghini Aventador Splits in Half in Brooklyn Crash

In an extraordinary car crash in Brooklyn, New York, captured partially on security cameras, a Lamborghini Aventador splits clean in half as the consequence of crashing with a sedan.  Imagine how the owner felt after the dust settled!

Or rather, imagine how the poor guy driving that rubbish sedan car is feeling right now. The Aventador appears to be speeding, but it had the right of way. Fortunately, no one was badly hurt in this accident.


It is not the first time that a mid-engined super car splits in half after a severe crash. Of course, because of the cost, there is no crash test data we can rely on. But they appear to be designed to do this. The carbon tub where the passengers sit splits from the fiery parts – engine, fuel tank, etc. – and this way the occupant have a greater chance of survival.

On the downside, the car becomes a total write-off; $400,000 USD down the drain. There are companies who took apart these cars and sell their parts individually, but for the owner it’s all over, apart from the insurance money.

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