/VW Reportedly Losing $6.27 Million on Each Veyron Sold

VW Reportedly Losing $6.27 Million on Each Veyron Sold

Bugatti Veyron Grand Sport 600x393 at VW Reportedly Losing $6.27 Million on Each Veyron Sold

Everybody knows that car makers usually end up losing money on their hyper car – and sometimes even normal models – because the limited production number can never match the cost of developing the damn thing. The Bugatti Veyron is a classic point in case. A new study by Berstein Research revealed that Volkswagen is actually losing a whopping $6.27 Million USD on each unit they sell.

We find that kind of hard to believe. It would be understandable is there was only one version of the Veyron around. But they keep making and replacing it. And that is not a very Germanic thing to do.

One might argue that it is a matter of pride and prestige; a technical showcase for VW o show how brilliant their engineers are. That be the case, they should have wrapped it up years ago when the first version of the Bugatti Veyron sold out. There was no need to launch the Grand Sport, then the Super Sport, then the Vitesse, and all those other endless special editions. We don’t think VW’s ego is that big.

That said, they have gone through all the development and production work, so they might as well make as many as they can. And it’s not like that kind of loss will affect VW’s multibillion dollar empire in any way.





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