/Lamborghini Museum on Google Maps Street View

Lamborghini Museum on Google Maps Street View

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Not all Lamborghini fans have the facilities to go to Italy and visit the magnificent museum of their beloved car maker. So the company teamed up with Google to offer them a virtual tour of the place using the amazing technology that is Google Maps street view.

Now, touring a museum on your computer is basically like watching porn; sure the view is nice, but you don’t get the whole experience and it just leaves you wanting more. Mind you, that doesn’t seem to be stopping people looking for that kind of stuff on the web. So Lamborghini Museum on Google Maps should be quite popular as well.

What’s more, there is feature that allows you to sit inside some of the cars, and that, we imagine, is not something that would be allowed during a real life tour. You get to spend as much time as you want going up and down that museum floors and take in-depth look at all the awesome machinery sitting there on display; from the earliest Lamborghini-badges tractors, to the Reventon, and all the concept cars they have made over the years.

Still, nothing compares to the real joy of travelling to the marvelous countryside of Northern Italy, enjoying some local food and wine, visiting Sant’Agata and checking out the museum in person. The virtual tour can only warm you up. Give it a spin here: http://lam.bo/peeNT

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