/Honda FCEV Concept Unveiled at Los Angeles Auto Show

Honda FCEV Concept Unveiled at Los Angeles Auto Show

honda fcev 0 600x378 at Honda FCEV Concept Unveiled at Los Angeles Auto Show

At this year’s L.A. Auto Show Honda decided to show us a sneak peek of their future fuel cell vehicles with the FCEV concept. The car looks almost like a drone, but Honda says it has the cleverest packaging among all FCEVs, because it is the most car-like.

They have managed to squeeze all the fuel cell components under the hood of the car where you find the engine in a normal car. That results in no compromise on cabin space as well as flexibility in the potential application of FC technology to multiple vehicle types in the future.

Besides the efficient packaging, the new Honda FCEV also promises more efficient operation as well. The car features a new and technologically advanced fuel-cell stack that offers more than a 60 percent increase in power density while reducing the size of the stack by 33 percent compared to the FCX Clarity. With a full tank of hydrogen, this system will have a range of 300 miles.

The best thing about whole fuel cell thing – apart from the fact that the only emission is H2O of water vapor – is that refueling takes only a couple of minutes. A plug-in EV, as you know, needs at least a couple of hours.

The weird looks of the Honda FCEV concept may seem mad at first, but there’s some method to it as well. This shape is not only incredibly aerodynamic, it also delivers ample passenger space and seating for five passengers. A production version of this FCEV anticipated to launch in the U.S. and Japan in 2015, followed by Europe.

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