/Audi A3 Super Bowl Commercials Mock Rivals

Audi A3 Super Bowl Commercials Mock Rivals

Audi A3 600x408 at Audi A3 Super Bowl Commercials Mock Rivals

It is a well-known fact that Audi, despite their dignified appearances and manners, like a bit of a row. They are well-dressed bullies when it comes to promoting their products and pummel the competition mercilessly any chance they get. These Audi A3 Super Bowl commercials that have leaked out early are classic points in case.

In these ads Audi insists that buying a BMW or a Mercedes-Benz or a Lexus is a wrong decision that will come back to haunt the customer. The way they deliver this message, however, is kind of weird. They compare walking up to your BMW to the “walk of shame” and they say that driving a Merc will cause such deep remorse that makes the owner cry in pain!

Some may find these ads hilarious, but we think they all make Audi look like a douchebag. If they are so confident of their new A3, they should have given us some reason to go and buy one instead of mocking their rivals.





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