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Harry Style’s Love For Cars

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Part of me isn’t entirely comfortable writing this as I am male, and having to elucidate on a teen heartthrobs’ character and the sheer size of his car collection makes me feel old, unattractive and in need of a messier hair style.

Don’t forget jealousy; there’s plenty of that, too. The fact I’m old enough to be his father only compounds my reluctance to continue, but I’m an adult and old enough to shrug off those tendrils that stroke feelings of the dreaded “Mid Life Crisis”. I guess I’m lucky in that respect because I’m not going bald, I don’t really get the 911 thing, and I definitely won’t be buying a superbike anytime soon (I’m not allowed).

Back to Harry before I start rambling again. Right, although Harry Styles is still a child and drives around in some very impressive cars, part of me respects him. Whenever you see pictures of him, he is always with a car or he’s is in the media for buying another car. Like me at that age, I thought about cars more than girls and I get the impression Mr Styles does too as the press have often said he is “besotted” with the automobile.

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Consider the Porsches he’s purchased and driven. This young buck didn’t just flick through the latest stock list and pick out the prettiest; instead, he knew he wanted the last-generation 911, AKA the 997 Sport Classic (according to Porsche geeks). This car is one of the best variants built, a tuned version of the 911, complete with that classic 70s RS ducktail spoiler. It comes in at a fairly pricy £140,049, but then you are getting 402-bhp from its 3.8-L flat six engine. 0-62-mph takes 4.6 seconds (not the best but fast) and its tops out at 187-mph.

I’m not a big Porsche fan but I do like the Sport Classic because I feel those 70s 911s were the best looking. So you are getting retro looks with modern technology – a winner in my eyes.

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No celeb car collection is complete without a stallion in their stable. Harry has been spotted in a Ferrari California convertible. It’s a bit of show-off’s car and a GT that converts from coupe to cabriolet thanks to its nifty folding hardtop. Of course, when you’re young and handsome, you’d drive it all alfresco style.

The Italian sports GT is built from lightweight aluminium, and the Ferrari is powered by a 4.3-litre V8 that pumps out 483-bhp – that’s 0-62-mph in 3.8 seconds. Paparazzi? See ya!

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Again, another must for the celeb is the Range Rover. Here’s Harry with the popular Sport edition. It might be practical enough to fit in hordes of screaming girls, but it’s expensive to run – shifting two tonnes from 0-62-mph in just over 5 seconds takes some doing. The Sun newspaper claimed it cost the One Direction star £15,000 to insure, after he bought it from his stepfather.

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Harry has a penchant for the classics too, as pictured here is a rather stunning 1975 Jaguar E-type. This is the V12 version with a 5.3-L displacement. Harry might find out just how expensive classics can be if he puts a few miles on that old timer.

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Although Harry is still a teen and owns some pretty outrageous cars, he does possess some sophistication. Take this Audi R8, for example – although it’s a supercar, it’s not all screaming and shouting and flare. The R8 is a more reliable V10 ride, a rival to the Ferrari 458 Italia and Porsche 911.

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Harry show he’s a car guy here with a classic British Ford Capri. Styles recently rolled up at the recording studio in this white Capri, a car extremely popular in the British classic scene today. Back in the day, with its elongated bonnet and bigger engine, it was a fast car every man wanted. Today it is a cult classic.

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Taking his love of Ferrari up to another level, Harry has added another horse to his stable. He recently tweeted this picture of himself in front of the white 458. Not sure who the girl is though.

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Harry is currently seeing one of those Kardashian people. Kim Kardashian’s younger sister, Kendall also has a love for cars. Apart from owning a top of the line Range Rover (a sweet 16th present), she constantly adores her other older sister’s boyfriend’s Lambo Aventador.

Between the two of them they would no doubt spawn some beautiful children, but more than that, they’d have one beautiful car collection.

(Journalist) – James is a published fiction and article writer from London (UK) with a serious penchant for Ferrari F1, anything with an engine, and English Pointers.