/Audi at CES 2014: Laser Headlights and Android-Based Infotainment

Audi at CES 2014: Laser Headlights and Android-Based Infotainment

Audi at CES 2014 1 600x351 at Audi at CES 2014: Laser Headlights and Android Based Infotainment

The annual Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas has become a regular meeting place for car makers where they show off their latest technology features. Audi is coming to this year’s CES with a packed bag, introducing new and interesting technologies including an Android-based infotainment system they’ve developed jointly with Google, and new laser headlights.

The Android infotainment system proposed by Google takes on Apple’s in-car connectivity and entertainment solutions, offering smartphone integration, navigation, music, even downloadable apps. So you will also get features like Pandora, Facebook, Twitter, and… Not to mention voice activation, although Android is still a few years behind Apple and their super clever Siri system.

What this means to an average car buyer is that in the near future while you are speccing up the car you are going to purchase right after the box that says manual or automatic gearbox, there is going to be another one saying Apple or Android infotainment. The fact is, though, they both do exactly the same thing. It’s just which interface you prefer. Although why would you need apps and Facebook and Twitter in your car is beyond us. Your friends can wait for you to get home and read their silly posts.

The more ‘useful’ technology to be revealed by Audi at CES 2014 is Laserlight, or headlights that feature laser diodes with a 1,640-foot range, which makes them twice as powerful as the current LED systems. These lights will be showcased on the 700-hp Audi Sport Quattro hybrid concept that has an average fuel consumption of 2.5 l/100 km (94.09 US mpg).

It’s all brilliant, but we think Audi should ditch the laser-guided Android-powered headlights and focus their energy on producing this Sport Quattro. It’s such a cool thing!


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