/Guess What Car Flavor Flav Drives?

Guess What Car Flavor Flav Drives?

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The majority of rappers are egotistical and hedonistic maniacs, showing off their status through lyrics, clothing, jewellery and cars. From Italian stallions to American muscle, rap stars ‘pimp’ out their rides in way that can only be described as garish. Oversized rims and ‘interesting’ paint schemes are usually the signs a rapper has visited the custom shop.

With that perhaps over-zealous generalization said, one of rap and reality TV’s most colourful characters was pulled over by the cops for speeding. Flavor Flav, the animated Public Enemy legend, known by the big clock he wears around his neck, not only revealed the fact he had 16 suspensions on his driver’s license, but he also revealed his ride… oh dear.

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On Thursday January 10 the N.Y. cops officially arrested the 54 year old hip hop star for felony aggravated unlicensed operation and traffic violations in Valley Stream. Flav was caught driving his black Hyundai (yes, you read that right) at 79-mph in a 55-mph zone on his way to his mother’s funeral – his mother died on New Year’s Eve, according to one of the rapper’s tweets.

Not exactly surprising, Flavor Flav was also found carrying a small amount of marijuana.

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None of the reports stated which model or year he was driving, but considering it’s a Hyundai, it probably looked something like the above.

Flav was released on bail… I just hope he made it to the funeral on time.

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