/Project CARS Gameplay Trailer Looks Petroliciously Awesome

Project CARS Gameplay Trailer Looks Petroliciously Awesome

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Racing video games have come a long way since the early days of Need For Speed 1 and Sega Rally. These days they are a multi-million dollar industry, offering precise simulation, realistic graphics, and a mind-boggling lineup of super and racing cars you can drive and crash.

This year a new kid is coming to the block, putting up a fight against the big boys such as Foza Motorsport and Gran Turismo. It’s the crowd-funded Project CARS, which sets itself apart from the rest by offering new social features designed to engage you in a worldwide battle for glory.

This Project CARS trailer does a good job of putting in perspective what you can expect from the game:


It obviously looks pretty awesome, both in terms of the cars included and the realism of it all. But we can’t help but think that such games only appeal to those of a nerdy disposition who obsess over racing line and camber degree and weight shifting. You won’t be getting much out of this game if you want to play just for fun.

Our favorite driving simulator would not feature race tracks, but roads like the Transfagarasan highway in Romania, the French Riviera, the little villages around Lake Como, and the Stelvio Pass in northern Italy. And as for the driving dynamics, sod precise physics. Powerslides and drifts are a lot more fun.

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