/Ukrainian Activists Seize Viktor Yanukovych Junior’s Car Collection

Ukrainian Activists Seize Viktor Yanukovych Junior’s Car Collection

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You probably know about the fragile political situation in Ukraine, which has resulted in severe civil unrest. As is usually the case with such turmoils, the activist set about seizing properties of former rulers. The victim this time is Viktor Yanukovych Junior, the son of the former President.

The activists have reportedly discovered an abandoned warehouse in a city near Kiev, in which Yanukovych had stored more than 12 rare and exotic vehicles, worth over 2 Million Euro, along with a large collection of license plates, apparently to remain undetected by the authorities:

Viktor Yanukovych Junior’s car collection clearly shows the man’s affinity for German and British automobiles. It includes a Brabus Mercedes G-Class, a modern-classic Mercedes SEC, a Mercedes SLS AMG, Volkswagen Passat CC and Phaeton, a Range Rover Sport, and a Bentley Brooklands. The biggest highlights of the collection, literally, are two trucks, an International MXT pickup, and a Knight XV armoured truck.

It is not clear to us if Yanukovych has acquired these rides lawfully and through wit and hard work, or by using his father influence and wealth. But none of that matter when the tide turns. Just the fact that a political figure is in possession of such wealth is fuel to the uprising’s fire.

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