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Winter Olympian’s Cool Rides

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With the 2014 Winter Olympics now in its second week and the cream of the crop rising to the top as the Games shakes off the weak, it became apparent these adrenalin junkies also need their hit outside of their chosen sport. When it comes to an adrenalin junky’s wheels, they usually go for either the fast performance car or the fully loaded off road 4X4… or both.

Here are some of the top athletes currently taking part in Sochi, Russia, daredevil pilots who need the fast and the furious when they climb inside a vehicle.

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Alex Ovechkin

Ovechkin is a two times World Champion and the NHL’s top scorer last season with 32 goals. The Russian has also won the Hart Memorial Trophy, given to the most valuable to his team, for the third time in six years. The hockey star has been named as an All-Star in two different positions after switching from the left wing to the right early in the campaign, something that has no doubt helped his Winter Olympic campaign – he became the first Russian to carry the Olympic torch after it was lit on Mount Olympus.

Ovechkin is known for his love of powerful cars. Here we see him with a truly menacing murdered out Mercedes C63 AMG, a car that really suits the matte black look. The icing on the cake is the plate: A0 GR8.

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Shaun White

The once long red locks of Shaun White were unmistakable; he has dominated the X Games and the 2010 Winter Olympics with his skill on the snowboard. The legend can even skate like a pro too, making him a household name Stateside. His medal tally before Sochi is two Olympic golds and 13 from the Winter X Games.

This now shorthaired talented high flier is a definite speed freak, as seen here with his white Lamborghini LP-640, the Murcielago with an extra rocket or two attached.

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Bode Miller & Jon Olson

Bode miller is the most highly decorated skier in American history. He’s also a big car fan, and racing is included along with his big resume of sporting activities. Although Jon Olson (pro boarder) missed out on the 2014 Olympics, I’ve added him, as the Swedish X Games champion is good friends with Miller. The pair of petrol heads even drove the Gumball 3000 Rally together.

Olson, known as a real car aficionado, likes his cars finished in the ever-popular camo wrap. Bode drives an Audi RS6, whist Olson needs the more powerful Lamborghinis, his favourite the insane Murcielago LP 670-4 SV’s.

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Shani Davis

Shani Davis may not be a household name, but the American is aiming to strike gold for a third time in Sochi. The two-time defending Olympic champion in the 1-KM speed skating race has won a total of four medals the past two Games. Although he’s 31 years of age, he’s still physically superior to his rivals, a real asset to team USA.

This big guy prefers a big ride, as he’s spotted here looking very happy with his Jeep Grand Cherokee.

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Evgeni Malkin

Yevgeni Malkin is a Russian centre and captain for the Pittsburgh Penguins. The 27-year-old also owns a restaurant in Magnitogorsk, Russia, an strange place he wanted designed to look like the inside of a prison.

Malkin was snapped with his 911 Turbo. I love the rear wing’s homage to the old school ‘duck tail’ fin from the 80s and 90s.

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Henrik Zetterberg

Henrik Zetterberg is a Swedish ice hockey pro who also plays for the Detroit Red Wings. The captain and centre/left wing’s cabinet is crammed full of trophies, including the 2008 Stanley Cup and the Conn Smythe Trophy as the Most Valuable Player of the 2008 Stanley Cup Playoffs. Zetterberg is also a successful Olympian, winning golds in the 2006 Ice Hockey World Championships and the 2006 Winter Olympics.

As you can see, Zetterberg is a classy guy. Suited and booted and looking slick, only a Maserati will match that hair and shades.

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Henrik Lundqvist

Henrik Lundqvist is the New York Rangers and Sweden’s goalkeeper. No stranger to the exotic car scene, aside from this “stealth” Gallardo, Lundqvist has another orange Lambo and a soft spot for Maseratis.

Obviously happy with his latest custom job, Henrik revealed his signature Gallardo on Instagram. The once black car was given to Proformance Industries (guy pictured on the left) to work their magic. The Hockey star wanted a matte finish but was bored of black. After some head scratching the custom team decided on gunship grey, a colour that’s quite popular at the moment. Adding a little extra to the cool finish, the paint has a metallic flake that will really make it pop as it speeds along under the sun.

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Jonathan Ericsson

Jonathan Ericsson is a Swedish professional ice hockeydefenceman who is currently playing for the NHL’s Detroit Red Wings.

Ericsson is seen here about to climb into his Audi S6. The understated German powerhouse is powered by a 4.0L DOHC twin-turbo V8 engine, which produces 420-bhp and 405 lb-ft of torque.

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