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Wags and their Cars

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WAG – acronym: Wives And Girlfriends, referring to the successful sportsman, especially footballers.

n : the footballer’s tottering piece of orange and peroxide arm-jewellery.

With that brief introduction to the WAG out of the way, I’ll try and explain why I want these semi-celebs featured with their cars…

Okay, I’ve sat here for a while now and can’t find any really justification as to why these WAGs should appear on Motor Ward. What it boils down to is an excuse to present hot girls and their exotic cars. Does that need an excuse?

I suppose it is kind of interesting seeing what these girls drive or what hubby is spending his hard earned cash on, but to hell with it, let’s just get on with the legs, wheels and rear ends.

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Victoria Beckham

Once famed for being part of the Spice Girls, a tubby Posh Spice caught the eye of then Manchester United and England star David Beckham in 1997. Two years later and the couple dubbed as ‘Posh and Becks’ got married.

Posh Spice is considered the Queen Elizabeth II of WAG Land. With her aloof expression, permanent pout and chiselled cheeks, Posh bosses Sir David Beckham around from behind a big pair of designer shades.

With her designer label and massive status within the fashion world, Posh only has to slightly change her hairstyle and the entire female population follows suit.

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Coleen Rooney

Coleen is the extremely patient and forgiving wife of Manchester United and England striker, Wayne Rooney. The scouse beauty met Wayne at the age of 12 and eventually married him in 2008.

Once considered the nation’s favourite ‘girl next door’, Coleen has fronted campaigns for Asda and Littlewoods and has now accumulated a wealth of over £8M. Although she appears to have it all, Wayne’s bad behaviour with middle-aged ladies of the night has rocked the relationship on more than one occasion. Surely Wayne has to make up big-time for his cheating? What better way to say ‘sorry’ than with a new motor?

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Irina Shayk

Irina Shayk is a Russian WAG known for her 2007 – 2013 appearances in the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue. She’s also dating Real Madrid and Portugal striker, Cristiano Ronaldo.

As hard as I’ve tried, I can’t find a picture of this princess driving a car – looks like she is accustomed to be chauffeured everywhere. Being driven by one of the world’s leading footballers in a black Lambo is the only way to go in the world of the WAG.

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Alex Gerrard (nee – Curran)

Alex Gerrard is a model and fashion columnist for the Daily Mirror. She’s also the better half of Liverpool and England striker, Steven Gerrard.

Along with the above, Alex is a leading WAG (or über-WAG) of the England national football team. In 2007, her added fame allowed her to launch her own fragrance, named “Alex”, which has been one of the top sellers. Maybe Alex buys her own cars now?

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Frankie Sandford

Everyone knows Frankie as the shorthaired singer from the girl group, The Saturdays. Like Posh, Frankie has The Power Of The Hair when it comes to a restyle – as soon as this cutie changes it, you can guarantee every salon across the UK will be packed with teenage girls.

Although she is a pop star and influential within fashion, Frankie is indeed a WAG. She is currently engaged to Reading FC player, Wayne Bridge, who bought her this Aston Martin as a birthday present.

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Abby Crouch (nee – Clancy)

Abby Crouch is a British lingerie and catwalk model. The leggy blonde also wowed the British public with her body and moves by winning the 2013 and series 11 Strictly Come Dancing show.

Her WAG tag comes from her being married to Stoke City striker, Peter Crouch.

She is pictured here with a black Mercedes G-Wagon. I wonder if this was a joint decision to ensure a 6’ 7” Peter could fit inside?

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