/U.S. Navy’s Phantom Badger Is a Mini Humvee

U.S. Navy’s Phantom Badger Is a Mini Humvee

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United States Navy does not share the Army’s love of big toys. They have smaller guns, smaller jets, smaller drones, and now smaller cars, than army boys. This is the Phantom Badger, a 240 horsepower combat support vehicle they have developed and it is so light and nimble it can be airdropped into battle.

The Phantom Badger fits inside a wide variety of aircrafts, including the V-22 Osprey, and can be unloaded from it in less than 20 seconds. That makes it an ideal vehicle for a Quick Reaction Force or SF guys who need to get to the target in a hurry to maintain the element of surprise. A C-17 cargo plane can carry up to 10 Badgers.

Navy’s Phantom Badger is developed by Boeing in collaboration with Motorsport Innovations who has a NASCAR background. They developed the Badger’s adjustable suspension system and four-wheel steering system. That means it won’t get stuck easily. And if it did get stuck, two SEALs can easily pick it up!

As for the weaponry, the Phantom Badger can be fitted with .50-caliber machine gun or a 40mm automatic grenade launcher on its roll cage. It also has rear-facing seats that can be equipped with GPMG (general-purpose machine gun).  The 80 mph Phantom Badger is certified by the Navy and is ready for action.

Via Danger Room

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